The Begginers Guide - A Must Read!

The Beginners Guide to Code Skill

This is a starters guide to using Code Skill. This guide will help you get started with the community and avoid your account getting banned or muted. This guide will act as a Do’s and Don’ts in the Code Skill community.

Please ensure to read the entire guide properly to get a proper understanding of the community guidelines.

Ensure to read the Code Skill posting etiquette

Just like any other community there are certain community etiquette’s that we follow. Reading and understanding these rules will help you gain a better reputation within the community members. Read the FAQ’s to get a better understanding of our community etiquette.

Where can I setup my profile and account summary?

Setting up your profile before posting on topics will help you increase your credibility with the community. You can simply setup your profile by accessing the ‘preferences’ section from the top right hand side of the screen.

Refer to this image (click me)


What Content We Allow And We Do Not?

There are certain things that we allow and do not allow to be shared with the community. This is not because we feel like so. This is purely to avoid any legal action against DMCA claims or copyright infringement issues.

What we allow

  • Sharing of useful tutorials related to programming and system administration.
  • Sharing of useful course materials related to programming.
  • Sharing of useful resources that can help with programming (i.e: IDE plugins, debugging tools etc)
  • Sharing of useful coupons that the community can use to gain benefits.

What we do not allow

  • We condemn sharing nulled or cracked software.
  • We condemn discussion of politics or religious content.
  • We condemn anything that has to do with blackhat or whitehat hacking.
  • We condemn users from scamming and gaining benefits from users from the community.
  • We condemn click to pay links, any link that asks users to do something before being able to view the content or requires a password to access the content.

Do we allow sharing Coupon codes?

Yes indeed! We love getting a good deal when it comes to learning things online. However the coupon should be a benefit for the community. Do not share coupons for things that are posted for free on the internet. Coupon codes are usually limited time discounts on certain purchases whether it is a online course or resource.

  • Do not ask people to PM you in order to obtain the code. Share it on the post directly not abiding by this rule will result in your topic being deleted and your account will be given an infraction.
  • Sharing affiliate links when sharing codes is only allowed if you mention that the link is an affiliate link in the post directly.
  • Do not share links using URL shorteners and specially not click to pay URL shorteners. Doing so will result in your account being muted.
  • Be sure to search if the coupon code was shared by someone else before posting.

Can I share Coupons by replying to others topics?

Nope, if a coupon topic does not exist please create a thread for it and share the link in your reply. Failing to do so will result in your account being handed a warning.

Where can I share things with this community?

You can easily share anything with the community be sure to post them in the proper category.

If you cannot see the proper category please contact anyone from our Staff team or send a PM to @Nous.

Can I upload material as an attachment in my topic?

No, we prefer if you can upload the material on an external site and link it to your topic. The main reason for doing this is to ensure that our servers do not get overloaded with content. We run this community on a limited server and we want to ensure that the resources we have are sufficient enough in running our platform. We recommend uploading your materials on the following services.

Please keep in mind that password protecting your files and asking members to PM you to get the password is strictly not allowed. You may share the password under a Hide tag in your topic if you password protect the files.

Is it legal to request Crack/Premium Program/Premium Accounts/Etc?

Not at all! We highly condemn cracked and nulled programs and accounts. Anyone caught doing so will be banned without any hesitation or warning. File dumps are also not allowed, we are not a dump site to share your file dumps or cracked programs.

Do so and get banned from Code Skill.

Does Sharing Email, Cell Number, Personal Info Allowed On This Forum?

Sharing personal information of other members or individuals without their consent is against any law in US and EU. Doing so will result in your account being banned from Code Skill. Be very mindful when sharing information on the forums. If you need to share information as such with another user, please use the PM function on our platform.

If you are not sure about the content you are about to share on the forums, please PM any of our Moderators or myself to double check before posting.

Can I share videos or video tutorials from YouTube or any media platform?

No, anyone can easily search YouTube or Vimeo. Our community is focused on other tutorials and course materials. The material that is hard to find online in google.

Is it legal to share Torrent Links?

Nope, We do not allow sharing of torrent links. Once again we are totally against piracy.

Can re-upload existing content on other upload services and share the link in the same topic?

No, re-uploading content from another user is not allowed. If required please ask the content poster to upload on another service and share the link.

Content here is updated from time to time, please be sure to check back on this page for new updates :+1:

Be sure to react to this post to agree with our guide :wink: